Course Syllabus

Please find a sample course syllabus below.  Information about this Orientation has been entered, when applicable.

Course Description

Course Number and Name:  Welcome to ICCOC Online Learning

Credit Hours:  No credit; orientation only

Term Length:  Always available

Prerequisite(s):  None

Proctor Information, if required:  Not applicable


Instructor Information

Name:  Tracy Sleep, ICCOC Student Services Manager 

Telephone Number:  319-759-0497


Office Location/Feedback Policy:  Online Only; Not located at any of our partner colleges; Will respond to email within 48 hours--typical response time during work week is less than 24 hours

Office Hours:  M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Textbook and Course Materials

Students can find textbook and course materials information for SHARED online courses on this page:

If you are enrolled in an eCompanion, hybrid or restricted course, contact your College Bookstore for the correct textbook and course materials information. 

It is recommended that all textbooks and course materials be purchased through your College Bookstore.

Course Objectives & Competencies

  • Prospective students will have a better understanding of the ICCOC
  • Prospective students will understand the skills needed to be a successful online learner
  • Prospective students will learn the processes for applying at our partner colleges and enrolling in an online course
  • Current students will learn about the Technical Requirements needed for Canvas
  • Current students will learn the basics for navigating Canvas and using the tools available
  • Current students will learn about the resources available to them

Course Policies & Procedures

Attendance Policy:  Not applicable

Missed Assignment Policy:  Not applicable

Due Date Policy:  Not applicable

Cheating Policy:  Not applicable

Plagiarism Statement:  Not applicable


Grading Policy

  • This Orientation does not have any gradable items; however, if it did, the following information would be provided.
  • Detailed course expectations
  • Gradable items and how points/grades would be assigned is clearly defined: Example: Points for assignments, discussions, exams…

A grading scale would be provided below:

For example:


Percentage Letter Grade
90% - 100% A
80% - 89% B


Feedback Policy

If this was a regular, for-credit course, a clear feedback policy statement would indicate the type and frequency of feedback that would occur for:

  • Exams
  • Assignments
  • Email/Messages (example: I will respond to email/messages sent during weekdays within 24 hours.  My response to messages sent during the weekend may be delayed up to 48 hours.)
  • Voicemail


Assignment & Exam Expectations

Information about how assignments are to be submitted and what is expected when taking quizzes or exams would be provided.

Assignment Submissions:

Example: via the course, in class, other


Example:  An initial response and interactions between two additional students during the week for a total of three weekly responses.


Information about exams (proctored, open book, timed, etc.) and what to do if the student experiences technical difficulties while taking an exam would be listed.

Help Desk & Technology Requirements 

Links to technology requirements for Canvas are provided below:

Basic Computer Specifications:       

Canvas-Supported Browsers:


Instructions for using Canvas Help:

Click on the Help Button located at the bottom of the Global Navigation Pane to the left.

Use the appropriate links to get information or assistance.


ICCOC Student Ethics Statement

It is critical that you read and adhere to the ICCOC Student Ethics Statement found in the course.  As a student, you are agreeing to abide by this policy and will be subject to disciplinary action, if breached.


Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

In post-secondary school settings, academic accommodations are not automatic.  To receive accommodations, students must make a formal request to their college and must supply documentation from a qualified professional to support that request.  Students, who believe they qualify for academic accommodations, must contact the Disabilities Services Coordinator at their home college.  All discussions remain confidential.

For more information and contact information at your college, visit

Equal Education Opportunities

The partner colleges of the ICCOC abide by the laws set forth in the Title IX Education Amendments including the Equal Education Opportunities Act, Clery Act and Violence Against Women Act.  For specific information at your college, including contact information, please visit your college’s website or go to to find a link to your college’s information.


Due Dates & Assignments

Due dates and assignment information can be listed on a Due Dates and Assignments Page.  A link to this schedule of course deadlines and activities can be included in the syllabus.

Due Dates & Assignments will also be shown below in the Course Summary.  Assignments will automatically be shown, and dates will show when entered in the Calendar.


Course Summary:

Date Details